Frequently asked sprinkler questions

We know you've got some sprinkler questions and we want to help! Curious when to water your lawn? Got a sprinkler head that won't shut off? Looking for an excellent landscaper or yard maintenance company? We have 35 years of sprinkler and irrigation experience in the Flathead so we have tons of watering and sprinkler tips, tricks and advice for you!


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WHen should I water my lawn + plants? what time of Day?

It gets DARN HOT in Montana! Daytime watering isn’t just a waste of water and money, it also stresses your lawn and garden! Aside from being inefficient, it’s incredibly detrimental to turf, gardens and trees. Think of splashing cold water on a hot stove - it sizzles, boils and evaporates. The same thing happens when you water your lawn during the day. It causes undue stress on the plants and they also simply don’t get enough to drink! Program your sprinklers to run during the coolest parts of the early morning, evening or better yet, in the middle of the night! If you have questionable water flow (GPM) this will also help reduce daytime low pressure issues.


WHen should we turn on our system?

As you may know, there’s a sassy, fickle goddess that controls Montana’s weather! But for over 15 years, we have found that mid to late spring is best for sprinkler system startups. We normally begin with properties that have substantial gardens and water features in late April and run residential startups through June. Sprinklers running during wild spring rains (ahem, all of June) causes some pretty soggy yards and some sad Sure Water hearts. We hate to see the waste! So many times we will start and run through systems then leave them off. Another option to avoid this situation, is a smart rain sensor that adjusts your sprinkler output based on the weather!


will my unwatered grass die in the heat?

Grass can die with extreme temperatures but this needs to happen over an extended period of time. So no, a few days of hot temperatures without your system running will not kill your grass! Most local turf grasses are incredibly HARDY and resilient! Under duress, grass will go dormant and possibly turn brown, but it will do it’s best not to perish. Once watering has been restored, your grass should perk up and be happy green grass again!


When do you shut down sprinkler systems?

We typically shut down / winterize sprinkler systems starting at higher elevations (Whitefish, we’re looking at YOU!) in late September. Winterizations run through the very end of October. We can definitely get some cold snaps in autumn so we’re planning on some more FAQ or blog resources to teach you what to do in case winter makes a sudden appearance before we get to you. Trust us, we know when to schedule your seasonal services! And once you’re on our list, we’ll call you to confirm your appointment every spring and fall!