Specialty services

greenhouse, Agricultural, equestrian + lake pump sprinkler installation and MAINTENANCE


greenhouses + indoor growing operations

Extend your growing season in Montana! We design, install and service a variety of sprinkling systems for greenhouses and indoor growing operations. We offer low volume drip irrigation, misting systems for propagation and cooling, and aquaponics/hydroponics in both vertical and horizontal farming setups. Although this is a newer service we offer, it’s been a passion and hobby for many years.


lake + Pond irrigation pump systems

Do you have usage rights to a natural water source on your property? Lucky you! A centrifugal or submersible pump system will provide water to landscape or agricultural endeavors while still preserving the integrity of your domestic Montana water source. These lake and pond pump systems are carefully designed to leave a minimal impact on the environment. Deep water? Don’t worry, we hire underwater divers when necessary. We install the most renowned and reliable pump brands, including Pentair, Carry and Goulds.


Orchards + Small Scale Agriculture

Get the most out of your crop production in your orchard, hobby farm and small scale outdoor agricultural operations by introducing fertigation and watering automation. Our new installations & existing system retrofits are designed to protect our Flathead Valley waterways and lakes by reducing and sometimes fully preventing fertilizer runoff & water wastage. Save money and save the lake! Let’s keep the Flathead Valley beautiful!


pond health, FOUNTAIN + aeration systems

Developing happy, healthy pond ecosystems is one of our passion projects! We provide on site evaluations of the quality and overall health of man made and naturally occurring ponds in the Flathead Valley area. We focus primarily on pond health improvement through the installation of critical circulation systems including aerators, pumps and fountains. For the organic development of pond life, we will select a regiment of beneficial and biologically safe pond supplements and additives that will benefit the individual ecosystem of your pond. We utilize the best fountain, aeration and pond health brands available, including Pentair, The Pond Guy, Airmax and Aquamaster.


Equestrian arena dust control

Make the most out of your equestrian riding arena by installing a dust control irrigation system. Equine watering systems reduce localized dust production and ensure secure footing by maintaining proper ground moisture. Almost entirely laborless, arena sprinkler systems effortlessly improve the quality of your ground and air conditions. Create a healthier, safer and more enjoyable training experience for both your riders and their horses!


Professional Commercial consulting

We offer commercial sprinkler/irrigation consulting and work with a number of incredibly talented landscapers, contractors, HOAs and maintenance companies in Northwest Montana. Through on site consultations, blueprint reviews and water research we can help plan intelligent installations. If you’re looking for incredible landscape architects, check out the remarkably talented experts at Forestoration in Whitefish. Forestoration has a heart for conservation and sustainability. In addition to their smart and unique landscape designs, they also offer educated forest management, trail and park design / installation and native ground restoration and revegetation.