lawn + garden services

commercial + Residential Sprinkler System installations and Water Drainage solutions


intuitive + careful DESIGN

We offer educated, intuitive sprinkler and irrigation design services for your individualized residential and commercial projects in the Flathead Valley and beyond. Aside from an on site consultation, we also utilize geographical mapping data and water well log research to carefully design a smart, sustainable sprinkler system that suits your varied and unique needs. Water conservation and careful resource management is paramount in Montana so our irrigation systems are designed to save water!


seasonal maintenance

Montana is a fickle beast but we know her seasons well! We inspect and service your entire sprinkler system during the seasonal startup process in the spring. If possible, we repair issues as we go or we’ll provide you with a detailed list and estimate of our service recommendations to schedule at your convenience. Our experienced crew provides thorough and complete fall shut down services with large capacity compressors. Properly executed seasonal maintenance is the key to preserving the integrity of your sprinkler system for years to come.



At Sure Water Systems, we believe professionalism starts from the ground up. Our sprinkler systems are installed with integrity and are built to stand the test of time. Based on 35 combined years of irrigation experience in the Flathead Valley, we employ the most tried and true installation techniques combined with some newer, modern advances. We only work with the best professional quality products on the market (Hunter Irrigation preferred vendor) and employ a team of seasoned technicians.


ground + storm water drainage

Got water? Is storm or ground water entering your crawl space or flooding your basement? No need to fear the rainy season anymore! We’re your Kalispell experts in proper storm water and ground water drainage solutions. Let’s take some countermeasures to protect your investment by pumping and/or redirecting ground and storm water away from your home or building. Specializing in french drains. We believe NDS-Pro provides some of the best drainage solutions on the market. Bring on the rain!


sprinkler Service + repair

Did the mower hit the sprinkler heads again? Are your sprinklers watering the house and not the lawn? Need a little work done in the garden? We’ll get you fixed up in a hurry. Sprinkler systems can get damaged and typically encounter issues as they age, requiring acute repair. Just want to love your lawn? We also provide routine sprinkler system service and maintenance, including proper timer adjustments, controller reprogramming, head replacement and nozzle adjustments.


water saving retrofits

Do you have an existing sprinkler system that you’re looking to upgrade? Maybe it's inefficient or wasting water. Let’s bring your system into the 21st century with a modern retrofit! We’ll get you fixed up with some water saving nozzles or a smart rain sensor that automatically makes controller adjustments based on the weather. Away from your second home in Montana a lot? Let’s chat about a Hunter Industries Hydrawise wifi controller! These controllers allow you to completely monitor & adjust your sprinkler system from your smart phone across the miles!